2021 Meeting Topics

2021 Meeting Topics

In addition to keynote speakers, meetings dealing with medical topics will feature pharmacists giving brief overviews on medications related to the topics.

Jan. 12                Winter Exercise Options

Feb. 9                 Heart Month! Ask the  

                             Cardiologist, a Q&A

                                –topics for discussion:

— High blood pressure vs low blood pressure, what to know

— Questions about heart surgery optio

— Supplements, yes or no

March 9           Heart disease and sleeping issues

April 13            The emotional and physical phases of healing

                          and living in a new reality

May 11             Spring workout time, heart-friendly exercises

June 8                Interventional & Procedural Cardiology: What’s the Latest?

July 13                Healthy summer eating, a buffet of heart-healthy treats                 

August                No meeting

Sept. 14              Less obvious signs of stroke

Oct. 12                Let’s talk cholesterol – the latest news &   


Nov. 9                 Holiday Heart-Healthy Cooking tips                          

Dec. 14               Coping with Holiday Depression

Come join us, virtually for now, at a monthly meeting!